The International Lymphoma Radiation Oncology Group (ILROG) was founded in 2010 by a group of radiation oncology experts from several countries who are recognized as international academic leaders in the field of lymphoma. We explored the interest of radiation oncologists in the mission of the organization and were strongly encouraged by supportive responses from over 750 radiation oncologists spread across 40 different countries. We organized a group of 24 expert lymphoma radiation oncologists representing 14 countries, spanning from Asia to North America, to serve as a Steering Committee and to elect a Chairman and Vice Chair. The Steering Committee agreed to focus first on establishing, harmonizing, and distributing new guidelines that would address the recent dramatic changes in the field principles, dose, and technological advances in radiotherapy of lymphoma. Our present goal is to enable and encourage the many radiation oncologists interested in lymphoma to join ILROG as members and engage in accomplishing the objectives outlined below through active participation in newly set committees, research, and special mission teams. 



1) To optimize, advance and harmonize the integration of radiation
therapy in the management of lymphoma patients.
2) To inform the hematology, medical, and radiation oncology communities of the lymphoma scenarios where appropriate utilization of radiation therapy is advantageous.
3) To develop and disseminate evidence-based guidelines for radiotherapy fields, doses, and techniques for all types of lymphomas.
4) To train radiation oncologists worldwide in using modern lymphoma radiation therapy principles and techniques and to encourage collaboration with appropriate national and regional scientific societies.
5) To provide a worldwide forum for radiation oncologists who treat lymphomas to discuss and share information and ideas.
6) To provide a source of information for lymphoma patients explaining the advantages and risks associated with radiation therapy.
7) To initiate, support, and conduct research that will further the understanding of radiation therapy in the treatment of lymphoma and that will improve the therapeutic ration of using radiation therapy
alone or in combination with other therapies. 

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